Department of ENT

Special Equipments / Facilities

  • Zeiss Pentero microscope (High end)
  • Xomed Pentero microscope (High end)
  • Xomed Medtronic Skitter.
  • Wolt nasal endoscopes & HD camera.
  • Tonsil & Adenoid Surgeries¬†
  • Thyroid surgeries
  • Head neck cancer surgeries
  • All microscopic Ear surgeries like tympanoplasty, mastoid, stapes for Deafness, Discharge
  • All endoscopic Nasal surgeries including allergic nasal, polyposism chronic sinusitis, deviated septum, septorhinoplasty, dacrocystectomy, nasal tumor.¬†
  • ¬†Parotid, sub mandibular gland surgeries
  • Facial trauma
  • Direct laryngoscopy & micro laryngoscopy.
  • Separate microscope & endoscopes for OPD.
  • Diagnosis & surgenies related with tongue, oral cavity, laryngeal & thyroid cancers
  • Vertigo treatment
  • Allergy testing, sleep lab study & OSA treatment surgeries.
  • Audiometry and speech therapy : Pure tone Audiometry (PTA), impedance, Speech & Language, Therapy, Fluency & Articulation Therapy
  • Voice Therapy, Hearing aids.
Consultant ENT and Head Neck Surgeon

Dr. Manmeetsingh Sodhi

Consultant ENT and Head Neck Surgeon