Department of Radiology

Facilities Available

GE 1.5 Testa HD xT MRI – Modern MRI scanner provides unmatched Image quality, resolution, patient comfort Advanced MRI applications for – Brain Imaging. Vascular slug, MRI Spectroscopy /perfusion/functional studies. High definition Abdomen studies : MRCP /Vascular studies/Urography

  • Dedicated Breast-Coil, TM Joint Coil with all dedicated Musculoskeletal applications 
  • Whole spine imaging with advanced sequences. 

32 Slice Philips Access CT Scan – It is an efficient scanner provides high quality images leading to better diagnosis. Along with whole body CT Scan, High end diagnostic tests are done on this Spiral CT scanner like CT Pulmonary Angiography • CT Renal Angiography, • CT Circle of Willis CT Autography, 30 CT scan, • CT Urography, • CT Guided Biopsies/FNAC. 

Ultrasound & Colour Doppler – Philips Name 350 Routine Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound High resolution Ultrasound of soft tissues, Vascular Ultrasound & Doppler studies, Ultrasound guided procedures like Cyst r Abscess drainage, FNAC, Biopsies of mass lesions 30/40 Ultrasound, breast, cervix 

Digital X-Ray-Siemens 300 MA Machine – Routine X-Rays of chest, spine etc Contrast procedures – GIT barium studies, – Urology IVU, MCU, ascending wethrograms etc. 

  • Gynaecology — HSG

Dr. Pankaj Ahire

Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Nilesh Khandelwal

Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Pratibha Nagargoje

Consultant Radiologist